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Exceptional Subjects

Nurseries of Mediterranean plants par excellence, the exceptional subjects today represent 80% of the stock of plants.

A team specialized in the preparation of remarkable subjects travels to France and Europe in search of unique pieces in order to enrich the collection. Areas dedicated to exceptional subjects allow recultivation for a period varying between one and five years. This step promotes good root recovery and acclimatization of the plant. It is a healthy plant, completely accomplished and perfectly pruned, which is offered for sale.

800 varieties and over 20,000 plants. 3,500 olive trees on display, more than 30 species of palm trees, 5,000 on display...

Trees such as umbrella pines, fig trees, mulberry trees, plane trees, carob trees, holm oaks, cork oaks, eucalyptus... all timeless, eternal.
A collection of citrus and fruit trees, but also shrubs, conifers, exotics, topiary, climbers, perennials, aromatics or grasses...

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