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Logistics and know-how

Logistics is an important and delicate phase requiring a fully adapted fleet of mechanical machinery: heavy-tonnage crane trucks, semi-trailers, lifting gear, etc. We provide more than 700 deliveries per year.

Loading is a crucial step, depending on the size, only two or three plants are loaded per truck in order to preserve the structure, shape and natural beauty of the plants. The transport and packaging of the plants is done according to their size and not the reverse: wooden bin, super roots bin or container.

The work of the motte and the tank remain a specific trade, carried out by a qualified team with more than 30 years of experience. 

It is a question of transplanting exceptional subjects by their size, and to guarantee a good recovery. The technique consists in creating, using a mini-excavator, a clod whose size will be calculated according to the circumference of the trunk. The finish is manual, using a spade, delicately cutting the roots. Then, we make the tray, made using wooden planks called staves, and spikes, assembled in a specific order. Everything is held together by an iron strapping (strip), nailed to the wooden deck. Before taking out the tree, we make braces above the bin as well as a plank bottom, to prevent the bin from deforming and breaking when loading.

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