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olive trees

Cultivated, the olive tree colonizes all the shores of the Mediterranean, settling along the coast but also clinging to the terraces of the Alpilles. Whatever the season, the olive tree remains always green, even if its dimensions and its forms vary according to the climatic conditions, the nature of the ground, the exposure, the variety, and the ways of cultivation. If left to flourish freely, this vigorous tree often takes on a sylvan and pyramidal shape and can reach twelve to fifteen meters in height; its trunk then very often becomes slender.

Rooted in centuries, it accepts transplantation at an advanced age. Its roots can reach a depth of 3 meters underground and it resists heat thanks to its leaves protected by a cuticle limiting transpiration. Because it is the mythical tree of our region, we have given it special importance in our nurseries.

Until little used in natural form in our gardens, it is now worked in various ways with size of the foliage in a ball, in a tray, inclined trunk...

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